1936 Chopper Pant 11oz Metal

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Our 1936 Chopper Pant has its origin in the woodworking industry. Pants for carpenters or joiners had a special development over the last century in contrast to regular work pants. Typical details were often the patch front pockets and a folding ruler pocket on the thigh. Like work pants otherwise from this period, the cut is wide and the waistband high, as they were intended as overtrousers. So that the pants did not get lost because of the wide cut, suspenders buttons and a cinch back were an integral part of the pants of the time.
All these details can also be found on our 1936 Chopper Pant. The wide cut and high waistband are particularly comfortable and offer very good freedom of movement. The large pockets on the front and back offer plenty of storage space and also the typical folding rule pocket is not missing. An So additional detail is also the D-ring on the front which was for the chain of the pocket watch. A very important detail for us and a common feature on European work pants of that era.
The name, by the way, comes not from the chopper motorcycle culture but from "To Chop down a tree". The direct connection to woodworking.
Our 11oz selvage denim is made on old shuttle looms in Turkey. The looms were lovingly restored years ago and are now doing their job again to produce a denim as it was common at the beginning of the last century. A denim that is designed to be durable and robust. A denim that can do everything.
The following details make the appearance of our 1936 Chopper Pant 11oz:

-11 oz raw denim with selvage edge made of 100% cotton, woven in Turkey
- high waist, loose fit
- button fly
- buckle back
- suspender buttons
- ruler pocket
- Made in Turkey

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